Last Updated: 21 Nov 2020


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Using display: none is OK

When doing SEO, there has been a lot of concern about using display:none to hide text in pages. Putting hidden text in pages is generally considered 'bad SEO', but at the same time a lot of dynamic pages use display:none to display pop-overs, tabs, dynamic menus and the like.

I've done some experimental research on this, and as of July 2008 can confirm that Google *will* index content in a <div> hidden with display:none, as though it weren't hidden. I did it only sparingly on the pages I tried it on, so I would still be careful, but at least we know that a few instances of display:none won't hurt you.

One blog article I read even went so far as to suggest putting article-type text at the top of your page, and moving it with display CSS and javascript. That can help your rankings, and may be a good idea.


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