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Web Analytics, SEO & Marketing Interview Questions

Web Analytics / Google Analytics

  • Explain the difference between a page view, visit, visitor & unique visitor. In GA, how long does a visitor have to be idle before they're counted as a second visit?
  • Explain what a conversion rate is. Explain how a conversion path (a.k.a. conversion funnel) works.
  • What do the five utm_* variables do (and what are they?)
  • What's the difference between exit rate and bounce rate?
  • How is time on site calculated? What about for a bounce? Is TOS 0:00 or something else?
  • What are some problems using Google Analytics to track mobile traffic?

Advertising/Adwords + Marketing

  • Explain what CPM means? If I buy 100K visits at $10 CPM, how much did I pay?
  • How about CPC? If I buy 100K visits at $1 CPC, how much did I pay?
  • With CPC ads, how can a lower click through rate lead to a higher ROI?
  • Is it good, bad or indifferent to pay for ads on terms that you already rank on for natural search?
  • What is the Adwords Quality Score? What factors go into it? How can you improve it?
  • Google is always adding new Adwords Extensions. What are some recent ones, and what do they do?
  • How would you go about detecting fraud in Adwords?


  • Explain how you'd do keyword research? Which tools would you use?
  • What meta tags are important and what meta tags aren't?
  • What's a robots.txt file?
  • What is one other way to prevent spiders from crawling your site besides using robots.txt?
  • What tool(s) do you use to track your rankings?
  • What does Google Webmaster Tools do?
  • What are the most important on-page elements for SEO?
  • Explain what a 'good' SEO site structure is?
  • What's rel=canonical? What about rel=nofollow? Why would a site like wikipedia or craigslist want to use that?

Excel / Data Analysis

  • What sort of tools do you use to analyze data?
  • In Excel, what is a pivot table? (Possibly have the interviewee create one for you.
  • What are some of the different types of graphs? (Possibly have the interviewee show you how to make changes on graphs)


  • Have the interviewee provide you with a writing sample.


Alyas, Sep 13, 2012 05:50 AM

Great post Tom,My guess is that now that we're all on the Web, we're all exposed to far more ads than we were bfeore. The Web is growing and evolving like any other living organism. In the Web 1.0 period, all we really had were banners for advertising. The Web 2.0 period has really intensified our Web options. There are far more websites and far more ads compared to even only five years ago. We can only take so many ads, so our natural behavior, many times is to block them out. I think what many marketing professionals are learning is that banners are great if they're targeted at people looking for what we're offering. But irrelevant banners, blinking and moving, trying to steal our attention is so Web 1.0.Thanks for the post. It's one I've saved. Great supporting references.Jim

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