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Author: dordal

Fun Things To Do

“I know, lets do something fun as a team!” “Yeah, that is a great idea!” “How about a movie afternoon?” “A movie? We did that last time.” “And the time before that.” “Well, what else is there to do in this city?”

What else is there to do? This is your cheat sheet.

I haven’t been to every city around the country, so your mileage may vary with some of these suggestions, but it should get you started. And if you have a great idea for something in your city, add it to the comments section.

Activity Notes
Sports Game Go to a sports game! Depends on what you have in your town… baseball, basketball, soccer, etc.
Go to Sea If you’re on the coast, go to sea and do something… whale watching, maybe.
BEER! Go to a brew pub. Preferably a cool one. Note that in my experience, engineers tend to fall more sharply across the 'don’t drink at all'/'drink a lot' line, so if you do this, make sure you keep an eye on things.
Museum (Nerdy) Go to a museum. If you’re lucky enough to live in Mountain View, CA, you can go to the Computer History Museum, but otherwise anything will do. Science and space museums do seem to be particularly popular.
Comedy Club Go to a comedy club. It can be a great stress reliever, especially after a long day's work.
Go Shopping Yes, I’m serious. But not for clothes… give everyone a $50 gift card to Best Buy, CompUSA, Fry's or your local electronics store and let them buy themselves stuff for their cubicle. And you very well might spend less for this than if you went to a ball game.
Bowling Its an old standby, but it works. And you can even do management vs. developers, or IT vs marketing, or some other creative thing.
Go Skeet Shooting Or similar. 12 Guage shotguns are more fun than you might think.
Be A Tourist Do something touristy in your own town. For example, for the Bay Area people, go to Alcatraz. If you’re in New York, go to the Statue of Liberty. You’d be surprised at how many locals have never done these things.
Play with Toys Buy a Frisbee, some nerf guns and other such things, and go to the park.
Go-Kart Go to a Go-Kart Track and race each other.
Food An old standby, but taking everyone out for a nice dinner can be great. Added at the suggestion of 'scto'.

Any more ideas? Add a comment!


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