Last Updated: 14 Oct 2023


Author: dordal

Getting into Single User Mode in CentOS 5

Unlike FreeBSD, which lets you boot into single user mode from a startup menu, getting into Single User Mode in CentOS is a little more complicated. Here's how:

  • Reboot the system:
    bash# reboot
  • When the system reboots, it will say 'Press any key to enter the boot menu….'. Press a key, and you'll get to GNU GRUB.
  • Choose the kernel you want (probably the one that's listed on top), and press e
  • Scroll down to the partition that has your kernel on it (it should start with kernel) and press e again.
  • It will now display something like:

    Enter <space> single after that, so you've got:

    <0/LogVol00 single

    That tells CentOS to boot at run-level 1 in single user mode. You can also type emergency instead of single, which does the same thing but doesn't start any of your init scripts.

  • Hit return to get back to the screen that lists your kernel, and then hit b to boot.

More info on single user mode and rescue mode is available from the CentOS docs.


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