Last Updated: 27 Jun 2023


Author: dordal

Documentation - Practical Practices & Ideas

This document aims to give some practical ideas and advice for Internet startups and Internet development shops as to what they should consider documenting when they're writing 'documentation'. There's probably a lot of things on here that you don't need to document in your particular case, and there's probably a lot of things that aren't on here that you do need to document.

Generally speaking, I like to keep written documentation simple. Most documentation should be inline in your code or configuration files… for example, instead of documenting every apache configuration setting you have used, just say somewhere “we use apache; more documentation is in the config file at /etc/httpd.conf ”.

I find it easiest to keep all of this documentation on a wiki accessible to everyone.

Web App Development - Specific App

Website Development - Specific Site

  • Statement of Work
  • Creative Brief
  • Site Design Wireframes
  • Competitive Sites Brief


Web App Development - General

Technical How-To

  • Step-By-Step for any common procedures


  • Standardized Customer Service Procedures


APIs / External Data Sources

  • Data Formats
  • API Calls


  • Key Contacts - All Vendors + Internal Contact Person
  • Disaster Mitigation Plans - Specific How Tos & To Do Lists for Disaster Scenarios



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